Gettin’ Back Up On The Horse

Posted on June 6, 2012


Well, here I am fessin’ up to the fact that I screwed up. Big time. January through May are all just a blur – fell pretty deep back into my unhealthy ways. Aside from a few weeks here and there where I tried to get back in the saddle and crank out some decent workouts, the rest of the time was a total waste physically and nutritionally.

Hate to admit this, but at the worst point for about a month, my nightly ritual consisted of dropping by the grocery store to pick up ice cream and cookies on the way home, and consume most of them in front of the TV. I should’ve bought stock in Blue Bell instead of ingesting the stuff(!)  Why it all happened I’m not really sure – I know it has to do with a deep-rooted sugar addiction, but I don’t think I’d ever experienced it so intensely before.

So after several months of bad eating and looking in the mirror at all of last year’s hard work literally flushed down the crapper, I felt like “what’s the point of starting over – look what I’ve done to myself!” Deep down I truly missed the lifestyle I created for myself last year, but the thought of starting back at the beginning seemed pretty overwhelming. I’d look in the mirror and say “You KNOW what to do – you KNOW what to eat – you’ve done it before – get off your ass and do it again!”

So, finally after a month of going back and forth, I’m at it again. Eating healthy (and fighting those late night sugar cravings like crazy), kicking off two weeks of re-conditioning workouts using my arsenal of P90X, P90X-Plus and Insanity DVD’s, and tracking my daily calories and progress thanks to MyFitnessPal (which seems to have a much larger database of foods than my old Tap n Track app).

My workout schedule for June is up, I’m giving it all I’ve got and not cheating at food… so let’s see how quickly I can drop the fat and this time pack on a bit of muscle.