P90X Week 9: Uncoordinated Progress?!

Posted on September 10, 2011


Y’know, things have been going pretty well so far in my first round of P90X. But that doesn’t mean it’s all perfect. So today I wanna focus on a few of the things about the program that still make me look like a floundering idiot, even this late in the game.

I'm not a crane. I'm a human.

I’ve seen a lotta videos on Youtube of people who were doing this yoga-move-from-the-bowels-of-hell as early as Week 3! Well, it’s Week 9 for me, and it’s still a bitch. Seriously – WHEN will I use this in real life? But I feel like I’ve GOT to get this thing down – I just KNOW one day my boss is gonna come into my studio and say “Randy, I know you can produce some great commercial audio, but… (long pause)… can you do the CRANE POSE?” Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Moving forward on a bike, I’m great at. Ask me to REVERSE the process, and I flop all over the floor like a fish on a hardwood deck. My legs are thrusting out to the left, the right, up at an angle… anywhere BUT in a straight plane. WHY is this so difficult for me? I don’t know. But again, I don’t think I’ll be riding a bike backwards anytime soon, so I’m trying not to feel too bad about it.

Admittedly, I’ve gotten LOTS better at this one, but for the longest time it was a thorn in my ass. I finally had to repeat to myself “KNUCKLES LOOK BACK, FRONT KICK, BACK KICK” over and over so I’d remember what the hell to do.

There are a few other moves – especially in Yoga X – that still burn my bottom, but I’m getting more coordinated each time I do them.

I think by Round 25 I’ll have it all down pretty well. ‘Course by that time “P90X 7” will be out and I’ll feel uncoordinated all over again. Oh wait – I have P90X PLUS now, so I can re-capture that inferior feeling a lot sooner than I thought!

Gotta add on here that I’m lovin’ the new Beachbody Chinup Max device – I do as much as I can with my own bodyweight, and when I can’t do any more, I use this thing to crank out a few extra “assisted” reps and get a nice double burn!

No major changes in my bodyfat and weight measurements this morning, but I dropped another 1/8″ off the waist. My body might be getting used to the “1500 calorie, 50-30-20” Fat Shredder Plan that I’ve been using, but I’m gonna give it another week and then change the ratios and maybe up the calories slightly if I need to. Cant believe Week 9 is history! I can’t WAIT to see my results after another round or two of this craziness…

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