90 daze blog September 24, 2012

Bringin’ out the BEAST

September 7, 2012


Look what came in the mail today! Pretty excited to check out this new program from Beachbody this weekend: BODY BEAST is jam-packed with 12 muscle-building workouts that’ll help me gain some quality beef! I just went for the BASE PACK, since I already have several supplements that I’ve come to know and love 🙂 […]

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Less Blubber is a Good Thing.

August 26, 2012


Deflating the Belly, Phase 2

Just kicked off Phase 3 of P90X today, and happy to report that I’m down just about an inch in the waist from where I was 30 days ago. A little less blubber jiggling around is always a good thing. Everything seems to be right on track and I’m matching the progress I made last […]

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Berry it up, bitch!

July 31, 2012



I gotta tell ya that nothing tastes better after finishing the P90X Back & Biceps workout than this mixed berry protein shake! My favorite protein blend (Optimum Nutrition’s Natural Pro Complex), some mixed frozen berries & a little greek yogurt. Quick & easy, and it really hits the spot!

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Deflating the Flubber

July 29, 2012



Well, Phase 1 is wrapped up and I’m finally feelin’ a little less “gooey” around the midsection! My daughter was watching a movie last week about a professor who invents this rubbery stuff called Flubber, and I couldn’t help but sneak a peek under my shirt to make sure my belly didn’t look the same. […]

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More for the lovin’ – P90X… again!

July 21, 2012



Been working my way through Phase 1 Recovery Week 4 of P90X Classic (again) – after crashing and burning for several months earlier this year. Yeah, it’s something I’m not proud of – I’m sticking that WAY back in the closet and locking the damn door – but it’s over and I’m moving forward. Happy to […]

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Gettin’ Back Up On The Horse

June 6, 2012


Get on that Horse!

Well, here I am fessin’ up to the fact that I screwed up. Big time. January through May are all just a blur – fell pretty deep back into my unhealthy ways. Aside from a few weeks here and there where I tried to get back in the saddle and crank out some decent workouts, […]